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Click The Link Below To Go To Dilandau: Thanks For Watching!!! pls like and subcribe! :))
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A clip to illustrate Dilandau's usual guymelef fighting technique. From The Vision of Escaflowne, Episode 7 Unexpected Partings. Property of Bandi Entertainm...
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Aider moi j'ai besoin de cinema 4d celui qui m'aide qu'il soit bénit contacter moi a cette adresse:[email protected] Lien dilandau:
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Tutorial para descargar música gratis con Dilandau desde Internet sin utilizar ningún programa que tengas que instalar en tu ordenador. Para ello, deberemos ...
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A key scene of Episode 7 - The Vision of Escaflowne AUDIO: ENGLISH.
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not mine if you want to download it can be found here
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One of my favorite scenes from the Escaflowne Movie. I specifically enjoy the voice acting for Dilandau.
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Hola amigos y queridos suscriptores hoy en este video les vengo a mostrar como descargar musica desde la pagina de Dilandau la verdad existen muchos metondos...
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Dilandau Albatou vs Van Fanel In this video you are watching the german version of the fight between Dilandau Albatou Dragonslayers vs Van Fanel from the Epi...
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Dilandau Albatou (ディランドゥ・アルバタウ, Dirandu Albatou) is the leader of an elite group of Guymelef pilots called the Dragon Slayers in Dornkirk's army. He almost c...
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